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How Can I Stop Anxiety About Anxiety? 3 Proven Strategies

If you’re aware you suffer from anxiety, chances are, you’re anxious about being anxious. You’re scared of the sensations triggered in your body as a result of your anxiety. You’re worried about being worried, even when you’re not actually worried. You suffer from anxiety sensitivity.

Anxiety sensitivity elevates your symptoms. It terrifies you of your own fears. As Harvard Medical School mentions, you might be low on actual anxiety, but high on anxiety sensitivity. The end result is acute anxiety, be it due to your actual worries, or the fear of your worries. 

Fear of fear

Why are you scared of being scared? You assume the worst in every scenario. You build up unfounded stories in your head. You know your reaction is going to be irrational. That’s when you dread the slightest possibility of encountering such situations. Instead of the actual situations themselves.

Overcoming Anxiety About Anxiety

There are certain ways in which you can curb your anxiety, about anxiety. Let’s take a look.

1. Know That Anxiety Won’t Kill You

It’s one thing to be nervous about something. But being nervous about being nervous? That’s something else! You fear the feelings you’ll experience while being anxious. But will it really be that bad?

Think of all the symptoms you suffer from as a result of anxiety. Are any of them comparable to death? No, right? Whatever it is, you’ll get through. Don’t borrow anxiety today about what you may or may not experience tomorrow.

2. Replace Irrational Thoughts With Healthy Ones

Positive and powerful thoughts

When you experience discomforting thoughts, you panic. You experience dyspnea, headaches, stomach ache, and other known symptoms of anxiety. What if you assured yourself that the thought that popped into your head was merely a figment of your imagination, and actively replaced it with a more powerful, positive thought?

For example, if you experience frequent headaches, don’t go all drama queen and conclude that you may be suffering from a brain disease. Slow down and think. These headaches could be a result of your constant worrying. The best thing you can do is take a deep breath and press the pause button on overthinking. Who knows, the pain might go away! If the headaches still persist, you can consult your physician. Rather than planning your funeral in your head.

3. Give Yourself Permission To Feel Anxious

Permission to feel anxious

The human mind is like a child. The more it’s told not to do something, the more it wants to do it. If you try to stop yourself from feeling anxious, you’re simply aggravating your anxiety. The fact that you’re not allowed to feel a certain way makes you fear the feeling further.

Let yourself feel anxious. It’s okay to do so. As you let go and embrace the feeling of anxiety, it starts to disappear. You’re not scared of being anxious anymore. This creates a ripple effect and your general anxiety starts to fade away.

Final Thoughts – Dealing With Anxiety Sensitivity

Anxiety Senstivity

People often spend a major part of their lives worrying. It’s bad enough that you’re experiencing anxiety in the first place. Don’t worsen it by fearing the anxiousness. It only adds fuel to the fire, aggravating your condition.

I have been where you are now, having dealt with anxiety sensitivity. And it was not pleasant. I spent most of my time worrying about what would happen if I got anxious when I wasn’t even that anxious, to begin with.

With a few behavioural alterations, I was able to overcome my anxiety about anxiety. If someone with a mind as fragile as mine could do it, so can you. All you need is a lot of motivation and a little practice.

“Trust yourself. You’ve survived a lot, and you’ll survive whatever is coming.”

Robert Tew

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