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    How Can I Stop Anxiety About Anxiety? 3 Proven Strategies

    If you’re aware you suffer from anxiety, chances are, you’re anxious about being anxious. You’re scared of the sensations triggered in your body as a result of your anxiety. You’re worried about being worried, even when you’re not actually worried. You suffer from anxiety sensitivity. Anxiety sensitivity elevates your symptoms. It terrifies you of your own fears. As Harvard Medical School mentions, you might be low on actual anxiety, but high on anxiety sensitivity. The end result is acute anxiety, be it due to your actual worries, or the fear of your worries.  Why are you scared of being scared? You assume the worst in every scenario. You build up…

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    Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder – 7 Ways to Identify you Have Anxiety

    Everyone gets anxious once in a while. In a way, it’s a good thing. It helps make important life decisions. It is when it becomes a part of daily life that you need to take cognizance and do something about it.  Anxiety is associated with persistent fear about the smallest of things, and the demon of ‘what-if?’ It can often escalate into panic attacks, interfering with your daily lives and deterring you from doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do.  You start avoiding situations. You start avoiding people. You crawl into a shell, protecting yourself from any possibility of an unwanted situation.  Anxiety symptoms Here are 7 signs…