• Loneliness and mental health
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    Is Loneliness A Mental Health Problem?

    We don’t choose our families, but we pick our own friends. They’re an integral part of our lives. We share with them things we hesitate to share with our families. Apart from filling the void in our lives, they’re also vital for our mental health. A study published by SRCD associates strong friendships with increased self-worth and decreased symptoms of anxiety. Young adults who form strong bonds with peers are better suited to tackle social situations later on in their lives. How Can Loneliness Affect Mental Health? Loneliness causes anxiety and other mental health disorders. But if you have a friend, who accepts you for who you are, is all…

  • Anxiety

    Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder – 7 Ways to Identify you Have Anxiety

    Everyone gets anxious once in a while. In a way, it’s a good thing. It helps make important life decisions. It is when it becomes a part of daily life that you need to take cognizance and do something about it.  Anxiety is associated with persistent fear about the smallest of things, and the demon of ‘what-if?’ It can often escalate into panic attacks, interfering with your daily lives and deterring you from doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do.  You start avoiding situations. You start avoiding people. You crawl into a shell, protecting yourself from any possibility of an unwanted situation.  Anxiety symptoms Here are 7 signs…

  • Emotional Abuse

    Quit Being In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

    It’s difficult to convince others that you’ve sustained emotional scars when there are no physical scars to show. Hell, it’s even difficult to convince your own self that the wounds on your self-esteem and confidence run deeper than ones you could ever fester on the outside. I knew I was in an abusive relationship. But it took me a while to admit to myself that I had to get out of it. Let me be very clear, there never was a hand raised against me. But the thrashing that my ego received every single day left bruises on my soul that took a long long time to heal.  In order…

  • How to control anger

    How To Control Anger: 6 Ways To Calm Yourself Down

    “For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Anger is not a negative emotion. It’s the way you cope that makes it negative. Blurting things out or acting aggressively because someone “made you angry” can end up destroying your relationship with the person; whilst affecting your psychological well-being. Reacting to the smallest of provocations is an indication that you have difficulty managing your anger. Not only do you end up doing something you may regret later, but you also affect your own health as your blood pressure rockets.  It’s important to take charge of your emotions before it takes a…

  • overthinking

    How to Stop Overthinking Everything: 7 Tips & Tricks

    Have you often found yourself obsessing over a thought that didn’t deserve your attention in the first place? Something that you’d like to get out of your head, but simply can’t? Do you frequently beat yourself up about how to stop overthinking? You’re not alone! Overthinking is a real problem. According to a research report by the University of Michigan, it is an epidemic, especially among middle-aged and young adults.   We all analyze our thoughts. But when you get stuck in a constant loop, worrying about something that may never even happen, or may not even be true, moving on with your day becomes difficult. My Personal Struggle With Overthinking …